For the past three years I sold art though a page on this site. Not a lot of art mind you, but enough to make the effort worthwhile. It was good to have a place to show & sell things from time to time that didn’t involve daily re-upping to compete with thousands of knitted tea cozies or hand-carved wooden iPad cases (looking at you, Etsy). It was a real learning experience. Sadly now this site hosting service has discontinued working with the webstore service I was using, so that page is gone.

I have some decisions to make, right when I am getting ready for the school year to begin. Other than a little blog cleanup, I’ll be thinking about school & reflecting on the four weeks of art camps I did this summer, then I will consider where to put art.

In the meantime, all of my summer art camps were great. Three weeks with Cushing Art Camp and one week with Arts Adventure


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  1. Frances Gage says:

    I love all the things I saw on Facebook. You do an amazing job with the kids , and they did an amazing job with their work!

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