Today, May 6th would have been my mother’s 99th birthday. Born at home on a farm outside Jones, Oklahoma, her mother was afflicted with smallpox and mama was born with the disease. She was so tiny she was dressed in her sister’s doll clothes. A local woman helped take care of her while my great-grandmother cared for my grandmother. In later years she claimed to have saved her with soured milk. Mama was always pretty skeptical of that and considered it yet another thing she survived. She also escaped with only a couple of smallpox scars.

Now, in Plymouth UK, there is a baby on the way who is facing some serious challenges herself. Some of you will remember her daddy Alex who came with his family to Oklahoma as a kid and helped with relief efforts in Mullhall, Oklahoma after the May 3rd tornadoes 19 years ago. Doesn’t seem like that long ago, but it was. Alex and his family are raising  travel funds for a surgery that may increase baby’s mobility. They are nearly 75% to goal.

SO– for the next weekfor the week I am giving away art in exchange for donations to the Heales JustGiving project. Click on the link below, choose your art,  make a donation for the same amount at this link, email or Facebook message me a screenshot of your confirmation with your mailing address. Don’t send me any money please! And I will put your art in the mail. Thank you, and Happy Birthday Evelyn McCoy Bowen.

To get to the art currently available for give away click HERE

My mother, left, and her sisters Merle, Nadine, and Esther.

My mother Evelyn, Merle, Nadine (in Merle’s arms) and Esther


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  1. Briian Landreth says:

    Sounds great! Count me in.

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