Impressions of Skagen

The main reason I went to Tolne was to give myself a good foundation for beginning a school ceramics program. This day Janne and I continued talking about projects, clay bodies, and glazes. She showed me projects they do with schools in the area, a South African way of making a slab, and made some objects I copied later. It was a very productive morning. I also continued to practice on the wheel.

Do you like yellow?


Janne making examples


The princesses examine a school project


After lunch Kent and I took Sara and Shiori, two of the volunteer workers, north to the resort town of Skagen. Skagen was the center of a group of Danish painters known as the Skagen Impressionists. They hung out at the Brodum’s Inn there, and worked from life indoors and out. There is a very good museum across the street from their favorite Inn, and it is currently being much enlarged. Fortunately we were able to see a pretty good sampling of their work, including my favorite: Summer Evening of Skagen’s Southern Beach by Peder Severin Kroyer.

At Skagen Museum

I have had a small reproduction of this painting in my classroom as long as I have been teaching, but never thought of finding where it was painted or where it was housed until I re-discovered it while planning this fellowship experience. It was great to see it in person and learn about Peder and his friends.


the gang


After the museum we followed the traffic to Grenen, the beach the leads to the very tip of Denmark, with the North Sea on one side and the Baltic in the other. After parking there is s very nice walk out to the point. I love the giant, mostly single wild roses that grow along the beaches.

walking back


We decided to go back in to Skagen, which was having a big music festival. The narrow old streets were packed with people, bands scattered out on corners, big stages, and parking lots. Skagen is the country’s biggest fishing port and the festival spread out onto the piers among the ships and boats of all sizes. Another beautiful day in Denmark.

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