The New Anagama

The lady at the rental car office in Frederikshavn was confused when we told her where we were going, “Tolne? It is only five houses?” But off we went, winding through the beautiful farmland of northern Denmark. When we found Tolne Gjaestgivergaard our host Gregory Hamilton Miller was out watering flowers, an early indication of his non-stop activity, either gardening or cooking of dealing with guests or doing construction work, or playing with his daughter. In Tolne GGG, Gregory and his wife Janne Hieck have created a truly unique guest house and ceramic center. I found it after weeks of researching possible places to center my fellowship plan of researching ceramics education in Denmark. It seemed like a good fit and I believe it is.
 When we arrived they were finishing up the construction of an Anagama kiln, and Kent fell in to help with a visiting artist from Sweden and volunteers from Japan, Italy and England, (including Anna who just wrote about us in her journal so it is only fair I mention her…more on her later!)

teaching us how to us Air Drop

I, on the other hand took my very first lesson on the wheel with Janne Heick.  

This is a lively place with a garden, dog, cats, chickens, a continual stream of international guests, friends and volunteer workers in an old whitewashed building at a rural train stop, filled with books, ceramics and pure light streaming through large windows. This first night there were ten countries represented at supper. I really can not describe it all at once, but fortunately we are here for several days!

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