Packing for Art

We leave this morning on a great adventure! This coming school year we are moving into a beautiful new Middle School where I will have a kiln for the first time. Thanks to Fund for Teachers I will be learning about ceramics history and about how to start kids off to a good start in clay, and to help me be a better teacher. 

We are going to Oslo, Denmark, Sweden and Berlin. 

As art supplies go, I kept it down to the bare minimum. A clipboard, my portable watercolor box, a few scraps of paper (scraps, literally), miniature craft decorating brushes, and my trusty zip-top bag of drawing tools. I added a few tubes of gouache, and learning from my Yellowstone painting experience I brought the best tube of white instead of the smaller & lighter tube of “just ok” white. 

So follow along! I will be posting when I have wifi, so probably not every day. 


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