Making the cut

It may seem like a small thing to the outside observer, the final sorting of art, arranged and rearranged, stacked and unstacked. Counted. Counted over and over. Occasionally one painting will be laid aside. Occasionally it will be put back in. For me this can go on in fits and spurts for days. Then the time comes to put things in frames, and type up an inventory. Even then, something might be in a frame one minute and out later, until the list is typed. Once the list is typed it might as well be carved in stone.

The older I get the more ruthlessly I cull. I would rather have two or three fewer paintings to sell than one that drags the whole group down, one that shows my indecision, waffling, anything fussy or overworked, or just dumb.

What happens to these paintings? They are set aside for awhile, and when I look again I’ll either decide to give them another chance or I’ll sand them down and re-use the panel. No regrets.



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