Do you know there’s an onion in your studio?

A friendly reminder I heard one evening…I’ve been using ACEO size panels to keep myself painting now that school has started. Sometimes all I can get done is to gesso panels, or clean and condition brushes, or set something up to paint. Or nothing. That poor onion, though, sat on a silk scarf -one of my silk marbling rejects- on a makeshift pedestal for a couple of weeks. And the cabbage I’d said I was going to cook for supper, that had to wait a few days too before it became slaw. I want to paint an avocado, to play with the concave/convex qualities, but I have given up and eaten three in a row. Now there is a zinnia and a pomegranate waiting for me to get back to work.

I did, however, paint at school. We have been working in watercolor for the past week so I have been painting five or six watercolor demos a day. A couple of girls in my art II class want to make micro-macrame, kind of grown up friendship bracelets, so I learned how to do that at home one evening (I missed the friendship bracelet era). Then, thanks to You Tube we learned together how to read a micro-macrame pattern. Very interesting! One of the best parts of my job is that I’m always learning new things. At the same time I’m glad I am at least making a little time for my own art fairly regularly…”sorta-kinda”, as the kids say.





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