My show

Friday night I opened the first show of oil paintings since, maybe ever. I have had solo shows of acrylics, mixed media, and woodcut prints. I’ve been included in shows of fine art books and even fiber. But somehow I have never had a gallery show of oil paintings.

Last fall I decided to just use oil or gouache, and to turn away from abstraction to painting what is around me. It is how I started making art and I decided it was pretty stupid for me to care anymore what anybody thinks about it. If I never sell another thing, that’s ok, but I’ll try.

When I was invited to take a wall in a gallery nearly three hours away near the Great Salt Plains, of course I accepted. Thanks for asking! Wow those are some bad roads, but a very good space. bright, loads of natural light, spacious, and super clean. When I go back I will plan time to paint at one of the bird watching outlooks for the lake at the salt plains.


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