Starting can be ugly

One of the most important qualities, or habits of mind, an artist develops is perseverance. If I didn’t understand what is on my easel right now, I’d quit, wipe it off, turn it to the wall, paint over it later. Earlier this week I quit a painting but I knew why, it was a drawing problem. Some things I just have to draw from life, so I must wait until those flowers bloom again. The rest of it was ok. Well, ok-ish.

But this painting is different. It is a night scene, and I’m working from life plus from both daytime and night photos. The subject is a zoomed-in view of what I see off my back porch. My neighbors houses, my storage shed, and in the distance one of the biggest oil storage tank farms in the country. Today we had great crazy clouds, hail, high winds, rain, and a few counties away, tornados. No earthquake for a few days at least (It’s supposed to freeze tomorrow) So I’m trying to paint the tank farm view with storm clouds. I am leaving out the sofa-recliner one of the neighbors dragged out to the alley a couple of weeks ago. I claim artistic license!20140413-203906.jpg

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  1. I know what you mean. A recent portrait I did had about 3 weeks worth of work before it didn’t scare small children

  2. C.T. Branyan says:

    What, no toilet stool either!!!!!

    1. This is an entirely different neighbor, if you can imagine, although thankfully the toilet and mattresses are long gone. This is sunbathes-in-his-underwear-guy.

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