The Ups and Downs

I’m pretty happy with this poppy. I can see the light passing through the tissue-thin leaves, I recognize the wrinkly petals of a just-bloomed flower. I can tell the deep center is bathed in the color of the light passing through the petals, and I see the sturdy tangle of greenery I have pulled so much of in my own beds- and I think it looks fresh and fluid, without signs of pickiness and struggle.

I can’t say the same for anything I worked on the rest of yesterday or today. I made a nice meal, and a lovely tart to take to supper tonight, but painting? Not so much. I texted one image to an artist-cousin who replied “step away from the brushes”. At least he’s honest.

So what happened? A lack of a clear vision. I had an idea, but couldn’t see it clearly. Visualization is important, and I got in a hurry, wanting to take advantage of having all afternoon to paint, so I rushed in, only to create some bad 80’s wallpaper. I think the solution is twofold: one, the vision thing, and two, giving myself a regular painting routine so I don’t try to accomplish more than I can do well in one session. Discipline and routine. I’d be happy to hear any other ideas, and no I don’t think I’ll post pictures of my failures!

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