I paint a lot of skies

A few weeks ago I took a studio inventory. I counted all my recent paintings. Gouache, oil, on paper and panel & canvas. I stopped at two-hundred-something. Then I opened an Etsy shop (again) because I’m just going to keep painting. So the Etsy link is on the left of this post. I will keep adding paintings. Lots of paintings.

In this process I noticed I paint a lot of skies. This comes as no surprise. I think people in Oklahoma are a little more aware of clouds, and what clouds are up to, than people who live where weather is more predictable. We watch clouds, talk about clouds, and once last year all my neighbors drifted out into our front yards to watch a suspicious cloud formation as it moved past us. Partly this is because our lives might depend on it, but more often because sometimes our clouds look like this–


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