Primed and ready for 2014

To get a good start on 2014, I ordered a batch of archival panels. Yes I may have said I was going to paint up all the surfaces I had stored around – all the leftover bits of rag paper and random-sized panels. The more I thought about it, the more I decided that wasn’t the most productive way to go. I will obviously still have those surfaces available, but I wanted a fresh start on the year. So I ordered 13 8″ x 10″ and 20 9″ x 12″ Ampersand archival hardboard panels from Jerry’s Artarama . Maybe this works better for my printmaker tendencies to want to do one step all the way through at a time, because now I am priming them all at once. I like the idea of having them all ready to go, so when I come home from school in the afternoon I don’t have to do anything to get ready to paint.


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