Last day in Paris

If I only had one day in Paris I would be perfectly happy for it to be like today. We started out with breakfast (coffee and thin baguette w butter & jam) at a twice-weekly market that has been on that corner since the 1500’s. Everything from shoes, rugs, fish, flowers, sausage, of course bread & cheese, cooked chickens—everything. Notre Dame visible at the end of the street. Then we walked to the very beautiful & formal Luxembourg gardens (they put Swiss chard in the flower beds!) and I drew the children sailing boats in the fountain. (There was a gardener cutting the grass with hand clippers.) We wandered around & had lunch at a cafe with the Pantheon on one end of the street & the Eiffel tower on the other. Then back to the hotel & I worked on two paintings. Dinner at a bistro across the street that involved mustard ice cream (on a tomato salad) and parsley ice cream with strawberries. Sounds weird but it was delicious. Now I am all packed & counted nearly 40 drawings & paintings, some finished most not. I’m satisfied with that, and very grateful for this experience. Thanks Fund for Teachers, thanks Kent, i couldnt have done this without you.20120710-234552.jpg20120710-234604.jpg20120710-234532.jpg20120710-234622.jpg20120710-234645.jpg20120710-234657.jpg20120710-234704.jpg20120710-234728.jpg



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  1. Cathy says:

    What a wonderful day!!! So happy your trip was such a huge success. The posted paintings are beautiful….can’t wait to see the rest!

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