This is our second full day in Paris. It is raining heavily off & on, but yesterday we managed the Cluny museum, located in a building started in the 14th century, it has been a museum since the 1840’s, and built above the Roman baths, so the building is as interesting as the collection. The main thing for me here were the “lady and the unicorn” tapestries. The collection of Limoges (and other) enamel-work, household & personal objects & illuminated manuscripts were my favorite. They have many of the original sculptures from Notre Dame that were destroyed by the revolution. I’ll post pictures later, we’ve had some phone charging issues. In the evening we walked to Notre Dame which was closed but really we went to people watch. It looks new and shiny compared to Chartres. I hope they don’t scrub Chartres quite so clean but from what I saw on the inside I suspect they will. The ironwork on the doors of Notre Dame —







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