Drawing at Chartres

And better pics. I went for another try at the south tower while we waited for an organ recital at 9:00 pm. (Evening events here start at 9, restaurants open for dinner at 7.) I also had a try at the Labrynth, what of it I could see. This morning we are hiking to the train station & to Paris, but the labyrinth is supposed to be exposed today so I’ll be there when it opens at 10:30. In these pictures I’m hoping you can see how some of the windows are dark as to be almost allowing no light through, except where the glass has sunk below the lead, leaving holes.








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  1. Mary Ellen says:

    Good start on the labyrinth. We used one during lent last year that was on canvas but was patterned after Chartres. I thought walking the labyrinth was a moving experience, especially with other people walking it too..Sometimes you are walking and nearly touching shoulders for lengths of time, then you suddenly end up on opposite sides depending on where you. peaceful….

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