Chartres I

I sat outside and drew the front very badly but happily. The south tower is all out of proportion, but drawing makes me slow down and carefully compare angles and layers of structure & ornament. They have several large flower beds all in whites and blue-violets. The tour with Malcom Miller was cancelled, but his email letting me know he’d be there in the afternoon came after we’d left the hotel. So no tour but a good wandering around. The cathedral is undergoing a lengthy restoration, so much was blocked and covered but the major windows were exposed. Photos can not do justice to any corner of it, I wish they could. My book said one of the glass makers convinced the people in charge that he made the blue glass from ground sapphires. I can see why they fell for it.












2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sharen Smith says:

    I showed this to my son, Aidan and we are both impressed. Looks like you are having a fantastic trip.

    1. Betty says:

      Thanks! I hope you are having a great summer.

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