Arrived Etretat yesterday, such poor wifi this is one of several attempts. Sat out on the boardwalk & used colored pencil this afternoon. Today we were mostly fogged in, with moments of brilliance.

Tonight we watched for the sunset again after I drew for a couple of hours. It is now 10:42 and still not entirely dark. The cliffs are very beautiful.
This morning I looked down into the little bay from where Monet painted one very famous view. He had to have had a boat.
Tomorrow we will go up onto the opposite cliffs.20120627-125520.jpg20120627-125739.jpg

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  1. Mary Ellen says:

    I love that one brightly colored boat in the middle of the white and gray ones. It just looks so peaceful. Where are the stores selling tacky t-shirts, puke shells, and flip-flops…it’s a beach, right?

    1. Betty says:

      Yes! Right behind us. All the usual stuff. It was pretty festive. We saw a seagull snatch a croissant right out of a guy’s hand.

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