Le Treport

Now for something completely different. We left Rouen this morning in the rain, up north to Le Treport, on the north coast. The cliffs here are the highest on the European coast. There have been many good paintings done here. For the first several hours here it was cold, rainy and very windy. But good Okies that we are, we explored anyway. I mean leaning-forward-into the-wind kind of wind. There is a sort of elevator that we rode up to the upper town and visited a local arts & crafts show. I painted a cliff from our window so watched the light and colors change dramatically. I totally get why Monet set up several canvasses at a time. The light here is a wild ride.




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  1. Mary Ellen says:

    He set up several canvasses in case one blew away! Jeff and I did the “explore anyway” experience at the Outer Banks. An outdoor drama in 35 mph headwinds off the coast and into the ampitheatre. The entire audience looked like they were in a Bose commercial.

  2. Love the colors of this one! TX HOT going on here…the kids arrived from OK this am for awhile. It looks like you guys are getting to see a lot! I am really liking seeing all the different places through your pieces. Enjoy!

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