Rouen II

Tonight’s work, the North porch, or what I could see of it. Ebony pencil & gouache on Rives. Not finished of course.


A note about supplies. I am painting in gouache, or opaque watercolor. I have settled into the habit of bringing individual sheets of paper, taped off, and put three or four into a small lightweight clipboard. This way I can use a variety of papers, I’m only carrying what I need for the day, and if I lose it I’m not losing my whole trip’s worth of work. More on supplies later.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Ellen says:

    Have you a cover for your clipboard in case of rain?

    1. Betty says:

      No, one morning I sat in the car & painted looking out the windows. In general the clipboard is working out great.

  2. Mary Jennings says:

    Really,really nice! Does it feel incredible to be able to work there? Do people bother you?

    1. Betty says:

      Yes! My first few minutes somewhere I’ve been a little overwhelmed by where I am, but then I have to focus. Art is a mental game. Nobody has bothered at all. They might glance & nod or smile. I think they’re used to people like me.

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