Last visit to the garden

I returned to the garden one last time after our drive through the country & wandering around the castle. The wind was blowing & it was raining off & on, and the clouds were moving across a very bright sky very fast. This all means the poppies I loved were blowing around (and were closed for the afternoon anyway) and the light kept changing so fast I decided to paint the chickens. I enjoyed it so much that again it was like no time had passed. Finally though, I had to find the big green door and leave for the last time.







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  1. Cathy says:

    Where can we get poppies like those?? Beautiful!

    1. Betty says:

      I bought us some seeds at Giverny. The soil here is white with chalk. Lime? I watched the gardeners at Giverny plant impatiens of all things, & it looked like regular potting soil but in the countryside the soil is chalk. And the Seine runs through limestone.

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